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Entry 5

Two years too long It’s been two years since I witnessed a wave kissed a shore, Too long since the salty water touched my feet, I can’t even remember the sun’s sweet kisses, Or how it felt like when the weed caressed my thighs. Two years is too long for a child of the coast. The peaceful port, Why have I left it this long? Two years too long. ~oeburke


Hi all, I am giving away a copy of Once Upon a time/ Hapo Zamani za Kale to honour World Book Day. Click here for more information Goodluck!

Entry 3

I write because I touch, I write because I see, I write because I dream, I write because I breathe. My veins moves letters, My lungs echoes words, My heart skips a beat, Every time a key is beat. I write because...I breathe. ~oeburke

Lucky number 7!

Zuri: 7 is a long time. Me: Huh? Zuri: My 7th birthday! Me: But you are not even 6 yet! Zuri: I know but we have to make plans... Me: Plans for what? Zuri: Oh Mommy my 7th birthday... By now I figure that this conversation is obviously not going anywhere so I tucked her in and kissed her good night, switched off the light and then out came that sweet voice again "Seven!" I am now looking puzzled sitting on the sofa hearing that little voice inside that is sadly telling me that this is a trick disguised in a very cute warning. (Could easily be both) This determine five year old of mine has somehow managed to hype her seventh birthday two years in advance leaving me with a lot questions,

Duffy did it!

I think my three year old has finally found an excuse to get him out of trouble. I came across his Eureka moment the other day after pushing his sister, let me start by saying that it was not a tiny push, No! The girl was on the floor and the boy looked like he was somehow on a mission, he wouldnt stop- it was just not a cute sight. I wasn't impressed, so I gave him one of those looks. The sort of look only a mother can do, the sort of look that would have made him stopped immediately, hugged his sister and apologised, but apparently that was so last week because I heard “Duffy did it!” coming from his mouth instead. You can imagine the shock I felt as I said “pardon?!” He was obviously not

Entry 2

Are you just going to sit there waiting for that door to open? ~The waiting room chronicles

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