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Life is far from perfect

I met this girl once who asked me if my life was perfect. She didn’t look happy and I thought I had a choice to lie to her or making her life a little perfect by telling her the truth. My truth which was and still is that my life is not perfect. It’s far from actually. You see me paint, smile and write on Instagram and you immediately assume that it is. The truth is it’s not. I have my moments too, which sadly sometimes turns to days and weeks. I think I am lucky that my mother raised a survivor I have always lived by the rule of same actions will lead to same results. So I let myself learn one lesson and I change my actions so I can learn different lessons. I have learned to be kind and gentle with myself. To trust my tribe and trust the process… yes sometimes all of this is easier said than done, yes this is true. When I get to this point I concentrate on the things that make me smile. That could be anything whether is expressing myself through art and writing, my children's faces and my husband smile. I go further and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve me, this includes negative music and negative vibes. If it doesn’t make me lose myself in happiness then it goes. It has no room in my life. I have a supportive family which keeps me sane and I keep them around because I need them more than the air I breathe. I know what you are thinking- but I believe that my soul is forever and my body is not. So yes my family is my oxygen. You should find those people that will keep you sane. Those people that will tell you the truth all the time and not sugar coat anything. Those people that will pick you up at your hardest moments, days or even weeks. Those people are your tribe, those people are worth fighting for. They don’t have to be family- they can come in different sizes but you will know when they are around. Sometimes you don’t like what they say sometimes because it hits so close to home.Those are your people! Find those people and when you do never lose sight of them. I feel like balance is key and when I surround myself with the things that make me the happiest they give me balance. They balance my life by pushing sadness out of my life. But life will always remain a bitch and sadness tends to return for numerous reasons and at the top of that list is a lesson to understand you, life and the people that are in your life better. The Key to an almost perfect life is to understand and accept the role that sadness plays in our lives. Which is an important role when you think about it. You can’t evolve without tears and frustrations. How else would you learn how to rise from the dead, if you didn’t date death itself. No body’s life is perfect and whoever tells you otherwise are far from learning all about the imperfectness of life which sort of makes our life perfect really. Until next time

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