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Lucky number 7!

Zuri: 7 is a long time. Me: Huh? Zuri: My 7th birthday! Me: But you are not even 6 yet! Zuri: I know but we have to make plans... Me: Plans for what? Zuri: Oh Mommy my 7th birthday...

By now I figure that this conversation is obviously not going anywhere so I tucked her in and kissed her good night, switched off the light and then out came that sweet voice again "Seven!"

I am now looking puzzled sitting on the sofa hearing that little voice inside that is sadly telling me that this is a trick disguised in a very cute warning. (Could easily be both) This determine five year old of mine has somehow managed to hype her seventh birthday two years in advance leaving me with a lot questions, like, have I just agreed into a contract that will only benefit the future Zuri? What exactly is she preparing me for? Why are we even talking about her 7th birthday anyway? Am I over thinking this? Probably but will she remember this conversation in the morning? Of course she will, Zuri forgets nothing.

I soon realised that this wasn't helping me one bit so I continued with the bit of telly that I was watching and planned to deal with the subject when she raises it again, which we all know that she will and it's always sooner than later….Yay! Lucky me!

The joys of motherhood 😊

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