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What do you do with an idea?

We have all come across that moment, you know what I mean that moment when that great idea comes into your mind. That exciting moment that stood sharp the hair from the back of your head. That moment that turned the surface of your skin into a goose bump bay. That moment that dilated your pupils and somersaulted your heart. That moment when that great idea sneakily past your skull into your brain. Remember that ah-ha! Moment? Yes that's the one I am talking about. The good thing is we all have and will experience such moments. Whether we are cooking or lathering our bodies, that idea will pop in just like that. Sometimes it happens in our sleep and if we are lucky enough we get to remember it the next morning, which makes us feel grateful to have had that ‘million dollar’ idea that has left you feeling great.

So this is when you ask yourself what to do with such idea. Your intuitive side has left your logic side questioning everything you know including your name (jokes)

It has left you on a junction with only three choices.

  1. Do nothing

  2. Take action

  3. Go back and act like nothing had happened

What is your choice?

Number 2? Yes me too. See problem is your brain had already stretched, to do nothing and ignore this idea will only stir up not so good emotions that will end up sinking your ship. The best thing to do here is to try to stay afloat, taking action and navigating your ship.

But how can one take action and find solution to their idea?

My university lecturer used to insist on freedom. He believed that there was more than one possibilities for an idea. Take water for example it can be ice, snow, rain it's just a matter of expression. My lecturer insisted on a freedom of creation or expression if you like. But for a creative individual like me and you this is easily done. Our minds consciously or not crave for inner freedom to express our ideas in a number of ways and doing this leads us to the next step into finding a solution to our idea.

The next step of course is Expression. We should then ask yourself what voice are we giving our idea? How will it look like? What will it smell like? Will it be big or small? Fluffy or soft? What body have we given our idea. Finding this out is very important because in order to solve problems we ought to address these questions.

The third step is creation, this is the fun part at least for me. We experiment here with colours and medium and we learn with every brush stroke. These lessons help us to see the bigger picture inside the details. Only then is when we take the challenging and the last step-which is taking action. This is when we put our idea out there full in its shape and colour. It get criticised, it get mocked, walked on and even spit on sometimes. But since this is that ‘million dollar’ idea it will persevere the smirks and laughs. It will use the rejections to ignite the fire that lit up the flame.

What do you do with a great idea?

Sometime the answer is in the question. We ought to do something, anything and everything. Even if we think we might out run our resources, we mustn’t give up. Remember there is a million way to express your idea and yourself is one of them

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