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Life is a screen play

Life is a screen play- literally. I was in a middle of doing one of my Instagram videos when a train showed up and messed up my beautiful tranquil ambiance. What did I do? Did I cry? Did I laugh? Did I do nothing? or did I wait for a better time to redo my video?

I laughed. I laugh about anything and everything really. Laughing has taught me so much and in this case it helped put me back in a great mood for when I was ready to redo my video again. So pretty much the task of videoing ended up being fun, short and it actually ran smoothly.

I cant deny that there are some few occasions when I get too upset and cry! These moments have taught me a lot too. I know now that crying has end up with me even more frustrated and messed up my flow. My emotions made me feel unprepared and mostly unworthy. Didn't matter what I did- the moment I chose to being a victim, is the moment I lost my power. Soon I realised (after enough crying that is) I ought to just laugh at life and it's lessons sometimes, doing so gets me back in flow, back in control and ready for that next video.

Doing nothing always leads to regrets. Regrets can lead to frustration. Frustrations can lead to crying and the circle goes on.

Waiting is debatable. I used to think that we are never really ready for anything until we get that degree or that door opens or after we get married or after that promotion. You can wait if you like but what I realised is that we are never really ready even after we have accomplished the stuff that we think will make us ready. There are so many things I never thought I was ever going to be ready for- I do them so easily now you would say that I am a pro! 😎 But when is the right moment exactly? How do you know it? Going with the flow is the only moment guarantee to make us the happiest. If it works out- then great, if it doesn't then it's a beautiful lesson! The key is to not repeat the same lessons! we have room for more lessons- do you get what I mean?

Here is something that they don't like to tell us! That there is no really wrong or right answers. You can do whatever because all of the above will eventually lead with you doing your video. You might wait a year or a lifetime. You might cry or even laugh, none of which can silent the urge that is deep within you that wants you to do that video. So don't waste your time doing things that gets you frustrated, just learn from the train, laugh it all out and get ready for the next ACTION!

Until next time!

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