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P.S I love you

P.S I love you I have tried to forget you but I can't You have curved your initials in my heart Like an idiot, I keep on searching for more room in my heart Watercolour Painting Illustrative Year 2017 Size 16cm x 17.5cm Card Board

The invisible woman

The invisible woman You say my hues are blinding and my sound is deafening But you are in a presence of 'your excellence' Melanin wrapped in grace coiling every curve of my kinks go ahead now take a bow Acrylic Painting Year 2017 Size 19.5in x 23.5in Canvas


Waves She was mind blowing like the ocean waves Her presence was an energy, a superhuman force You can not tame her, a lot have tried You better just let her be Acrylic Painting Year 2017 Size 15.5in x 19.5in Canvas

Make a wish

Make a wish A woman is the strongest being ever she creates, nurtures and supports life in the end, she let go and floats in the ether leaving the sweetest memory of herself Acrylic Painting Year 2017 Size 23.5in x 19.5in Canvas


Within Everything starts and ends with you Don't wait for a partner to complete you Or a friend to support you You have all you need right inside of you You can change your life if you want to You can be happy if you decide to You can rise from the ashes too You just have to decide that your now starts with you Acrylic Painting Year 2017 Size 23in x 26in Card Paper


I I need more than a ‘hello’ from the wind More than a ‘careless’ from the rain Sad these games we must play When my heart rejoice in your name Watercolour Painting Year 2017 Size 23.5in x 33in Card Paper

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