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To whom it may concern

I think we came in this world to learn or teach something but someone forgot to tell us that these two come hand in hand. The more you learn the more you can teach. A good teacher tailor makes their scheme of work to fit their students. With this said just know that your soul knows what it wants to experience.

This prison that we call body has so many rules and regulations some of which needs to be broken because your soul chose this physical body for lessons and experience of every emotions by living life to the fullest.

We unfortunately give a lot of meaning to everything... which makes it impossible for our souls to break free. Please don't just sit there, don't fall into that trap of living for tomorrow. Tomorrow just like yesterday never comes. The notion of time is fictitious. Do the stuff that makes you happy now! NO you don't need permission, NO you don't need a lot of money. You just need to decide that I am going to go for anything that gives me butterflies and goosebumps.

All the meaning we have given to things is working against us, it's clouding our memories..We already had our wings…something tells me we learned to fly long time ago!

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