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How dare you Change!

The truth of the matter is sometimes we are not ready to climb out of the hole we dug ourselves in.

We want to stay in it for as long as we can because it's familiar and anything else is taboo.. change thinks it's better, change knows it all and what do we do if change threaten our lives for the better? ..we panic and hibernate back in that hole.. sometimes we go a step further and cover our bodies with mud...How dare do you challenge me change?! I am not accustomed to you or your stupid ways- change!

We fear change so much you would think change is some sort of a middle age plague...But seriously though ask yourself this ..what exactly will go wrong after living this change? Would I live to see another day? Or would I waste away in the gutters? What if? There is always a lesson beyond our comfort zone! That is all.. so maybe we ought to stop ignoring the ladder that is standing next to us, hold on tight to that rope or go with the flow.. follow that sewage as it will only lead to the river..

Whatever! just get out of the hole already!- change is inevitable!

Until next time!

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