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The authentic YOU

The honest answer to the ‘What are you doing?’ question that I now seem to get all the time is - I don't know! All I know is I am learning to enjoy the process. If it works I repeat the process. If it doesn't, I try another process. I realised something recently, that there is nothing wrong with being ME, no one can do that better than I can. But I must warn you before you think of trying to be the authentic YOU. Although the results may vary many said they felt invisible... It was like finally getting your frail thin body under the invisible cloak. You are now the observer! Your are now open to anything because thanks to your new found super powers failing doesn't scare you anymore! You re

Teach a child love

Teach a child for worms and frogs, love for puppies and horses, love for spiders and ants. Teach a child love. Love for anything and everything especially themselves and love for the human race.. love for mother Earth. Since there are two motivating forces in the world...Don't let a child be motivated by 'fear'. When we are afraid we pull back from life, when we are in love we open to all what life has to offer with passion, excitement and acceptance. Hopes for Heaven on earth rests only in the fearlessness and the open hearted. Only LOVE can overcome fear! Teach a child love

No fallen angel

My father gave me wings, But life's such a Con Always wanting what's not his. But I ain't a fallen angel, You see me soaring high! Like an Eagle searching for that deep blue. I am coming home to my favourite colour I am coming back for what's already mine. 💜💜 OEB

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