I am mad

They are mad

Everywhere I go someone is mad

Mad about small things

Mad about tiny big things

Some of us are mad but we don't even know why exactly we stay mad! We just know that they are and it's been like this for such a long time and that is a good enough excuse to stay mad.. really?

No. I am TIRED!

Tired of seeing people sweating the small stuff

Tired of seeing people sweating the big stuff

Tired of waiting for someone to snap

Is all of this anger really necessary

You say your life is shit

And I believe you-but how is staying mad at it helping matters?

So do me, you and them a favour

Next time something happens that contributes to you snapping please ask yourself this. Why exactly are you mad? was it necessary to raise your voice? Was it necessary to kiss your teeth? Was it necessary to huff and puff for something that won't affect your breathing? Was it really someone else’s fault that you now- a grown man/woman feel the way that you do? Then ask yourself this- how else can you have handled this situation. If you are honest your answer will highlight another way,a more rational way, a better way. Then promise yourself that you will chose a better way next time and why not aren't you tired of being mad? I know I am. I am so tired of being the vampire that sucks the life out of everyone around me. Seriously though aren't you?

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