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Duffy did it!

I think my three year old has finally found an excuse to get him out of trouble. I came across his Eureka moment the other day after pushing his sister, let me start by saying that it was not a tiny push, No! The girl was on the floor and the boy looked like he was somehow on a mission, he wouldnt stop- it was just not a cute sight.

I wasn't impressed, so I gave him one of those looks. The sort of look only a mother can do, the sort of look that would have made him stopped immediately, hugged his sister and apologised, but apparently that was so last week because I heard “Duffy did it!” coming from his mouth instead. You can imagine the shock I felt as I said “pardon?!”

He was obviously not bothered by my "Oh no he didnt!" face because he said it again “Duffy did it!”

So I was like- “Who is Duffy?”

His response was simply “he went home”

To make this story short the boy had five extra minutes on the naughty corner.

But to be honest we haven't managed to say goodbye to Duffy completely because every once in a while, Duffy will pop into our lives and is made accountable for stuff that my son does.

My questions to all you parents out there is... How do I get rid of Duffy completely?


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