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What do you do with an idea?

We have all come across that moment, you know what I mean that moment when that great idea comes into your mind. That exciting moment that stood sharp the hair from the back of your head. That moment that turned the surface of your skin into a goose bump bay. That moment that dilated your pupils and somersaulted your heart. That moment when that great idea sneakily past your skull into your brain. Remember that ah-ha! Moment? Yes that's the one I am talking about. The good thing is we all have and will experience such moments. Whether we are cooking or lathering our bodies, that idea will pop in just like that. Sometimes it happens in our sleep and if we are lucky enough we get to rememb

How dare you Change!

The truth of the matter is sometimes we are not ready to climb out of the hole we dug ourselves in. We want to stay in it for as long as we can because it's familiar and anything else is taboo.. change thinks it's better, change knows it all and what do we do if change threaten our lives for the better? ..we panic and hibernate back in that hole.. sometimes we go a step further and cover our bodies with mud...How dare do you challenge me change?! I am not accustomed to you or your stupid ways- change! We fear change so much you would think change is some sort of a middle age plague...But seriously though ask yourself this ..what exactly will go wrong after living this change? Would I li

Life is a screen play

Life is a screen play- literally. I was in a middle of doing one of my Instagram videos when a train showed up and messed up my beautiful tranquil ambiance. What did I do? Did I cry? Did I laugh? Did I do nothing? or did I wait for a better time to redo my video? I laughed. I laugh about anything and everything really. Laughing has taught me so much and in this case it helped put me back in a great mood for when I was ready to redo my video again. So pretty much the task of videoing ended up being fun, short and it actually ran smoothly. I cant deny that there are some few occasions when I get too upset and cry! These moments have taught me a lot too. I know now that crying has end u


I am mad They are mad Everywhere I go someone is mad Mad about small things Mad about tiny big things Some of us are mad but we don't even know why exactly we stay mad! We just know that they are and it's been like this for such a long time and that is a good enough excuse to stay mad.. really? No. I am TIRED! Tired of seeing people sweating the small stuff Tired of seeing people sweating the big stuff Tired of waiting for someone to snap Is all of this anger really necessary You say your life is shit And I believe you-but how is staying mad at it helping matters? So do me, you and them a favour Next time something happens that contributes to you snapping please ask yourself this. Why exact

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