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To whom it may concern

I have met more than enough people confusing happiness with smiling and this has inspired me to write this piece. You can be smiling even if you are dying inside, I know a few people who are doing this too. Happiness is not picture perfect smiles. Happiness is never judgmental- you can't be happy if what other people do affects you. You must remember not everyone is here to learn the same lessons as you are, so it's important to be of acceptance of one another. I have learned that half of the people we judge aren’t even aware of what's happening so all the hating is never worth it because it take a lot of energy from us especially when the ones we hate/judge isn't aware, which is most of the times.

Happiness is being content with the little that you have, with the life that you live. Happiness is knowing what you experience now is nothing compare to the grand scheme of things. You become unaffected with change, unaffected with people unaffected with the world and it's issues. Happiness is knowing not anyone has power over you, no one has the key to your emotions.

Happiness is being present in life all the moment all the time. Happiness is definitely not picture perfect Instagram posts!

Until next time!

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