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The sweetest song!

I went through so many stages whilst writing Once upon a time/ Hapo zamani za kale, I still cant believe that the book is now published.

I argued with myself a lot throughout this journey!... My soul just wouldn’t let my fear conquer my passion. The process took what I thought was forever. The excuses and emotional baggage was exhausting.

The biggest lesson I have learned throughout this journey is -giving up it’s not worth the emotional baggage, don’t bother. Just start with whatever you have, even if is just an idea! Keep at it, it doesn’t matter if you have to take a ten year gap- as long as you don’t stop!

This post is just to say a massive thank you to my family for singing the 'when are you going to finish your book' song every time I fell apart. Their harmonies brought my pieces together. They reminded me of the strength I forgot I had!

And to you my #bilingualgeneration supporters, your love for this movement means a lot, your support is extraordinary.

Thank you!



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