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The twinkle in my eyes!

Hi all,

I have written this short poem for my babies, this is my way of celebrating them on this special day.. I hope all mothers get spoiled rotten today, Happy mothers day!

The twinkle in my eyes

They steal my toast,

They pile up the laundry.

They talk too much,

They cry too often.

They are too much work,

They are my kind of role.

I wouldn’t change them if I could,

And I really don’t want to.

They are the brilliant part of two,

They are our perfect whole.

My heart sings as they breathe.

My skin celebrates them with ease.

My lips curve up from their kisses.

My truth is written in their faces.

My sun, my moon, my stars

My boy, my girl, the twinkle in my eyes.

Remember that first day?

That very first day we met?

My heart sung then

And hasn’t stopped since.

~Love, Mommy.

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